1win Antifraud Policy

India is one of the many nations where The 1win offers sports betting and gaming services. Given our size, we do our best to adhere to the rules and criteria for security and anti-money laundering that are generally acknowledged worldwide.

Protect yourself from fraudsters with 1Win.

1win Antifraud Principles and Regulations

Users who take acts that might be considered fraudulent risk having their accounts temporarily suspended while the inquiry is ongoing. The security service will look into particular behaviors and determine if they are fake. If the alleged violation is found to be true, we may report the incident to the law enforcement agencies in the User’s home nation. Such authorities may also get specific personal information.

The administration has put in place a variety of limits and guidelines to reduce the number of instances of fraud on the official website and 1win app:

  • The gamer may be asked to begin the account verification process by the security service.
  • Users are only permitted to have one account. It is not permitted to re-register.
  • The withdrawal amount must stay within the website’s or payment system’s established parameters.
  • The finance department may conduct further checks on certain financial transactions, particularly significant ones.
  • Only information pertaining to the account owner’s data are permitted for withdrawal of money.

If you believe that an account ban you got was unjustified, please let the support department know.